Screen Lock Pro v5.1.2p Crack + Key APK 2022 Download

Screen Lock Pro v5.1.2p Crack With Keygen APK [Latest] 2022 Full Version Download

Screen Lock Pro Crack with screen off animation. You can lock the smartphone and turn off the screen. Easy to utilise and reduces power button usage is Screen Lock Serial Number. Android is unquestionably one of the platforms that, despite the large number of customers, cares about their security and makes an effort to prevent any illegal logging. The most recent version of Screen Lock License Code for cracked sites is currently available for download.

Screen Lock Pro v5.1.2p Crack + Key APK [Latest] 2022 Full Download from

The Top-Droid team developed the incredible screen lock and customization programme Lock Screen Pro Registration Number APK, which was made available on Google Play. This device prompts you to fasten the screen and prevent any unauthorized access with a variety of features. It makes use of the Device Administrator permission in Screen Lock Crack with Patch. By doing this, it can lock the device in response to user-selected events. The permission is not used by the app for any other function. Even on Android 4.0 and later, it simply locks without any screen flickering.

Screen Lock Pro Crack With License Key:

Your device’s “transition animation scale” and “animator duration scale” settings allow you to change the speed of the animation. Screen off animation speeds up if you set it to.5x; if you increase it, animations slow down. Use 1x for the optimal screen-off experience, is our advise. It should be noted that on some devices, the modification only becomes effective after locking and unlocking.

We included support for the “Smart Lock” functionality specifically for “Lollipop” in the most recent version (v2.0p) of the Screen Lock Activation Code. RnD is still active, and this feature is still in testing. To improve it, we are making a lot of effort. The “On off” option is great for busy people, those who constantly check email or receive messages, even though it is still experimental. You don’t need to slide the device or repeatedly enter the password; simply place it on the desk to turn the screen off and pick it up to bring up the screen. Save time since it costs money. You can also get: IDM UltraEdit Crack

To screen off and lock the device you can:

  • Make a shortcut.
  • Use the Android 4.0+ resizable Screen Lock Pro widget.
  • Obtain by notice.
  • To lock, shake.
  • To lock, cover.
  • Put the desk down to turn the screen on or off.
  • Lock and turn off the screen with an air swipe.
  • If your device has a long-press search button, use that to access Screen Lock.

Features include in Screen Lock Crack:

  • Single-touch lock
  • There are more icons available for widgets and shortcuts.
  • Off-screen animation
  • Changing the speed of the animation.
  • Gadget for waking up without a power button.
  • ‘Smart Lock’, ‘Nexus Imprint’, ‘Fingerprint sensor’, and ‘IRIS scanner’ support.
  • New shortcut and widget icon changes.
  • Give the shortcut any name you choose.
  • Motion during screen locked and off.
  • Vibrate upon lock and change vibration intensity.
  • With volume control, a lock and unlock sound is played.
  • Sound is locked as the animation begins.
  • Plug-in for Power Toggles.

Additional features:

  • Use Movement Listener to keep the gadget awake when viewing lengthy contents.
  • When the device is off, use the service feature to wake it up.
  • Solely on the Home screen, enable service.

 Lock Screen Pro Cracked APK v1.5 [Latest Version]

Usability features:

  • Shake lock activation is postponed.
  • Test the sensitivity of the shake lock.
  • In landscape mode, pause.
  • A haptic feedback air swipe.
  • Calibration for air swipe.
  • Landscape mode air swipe pause.
  • Widget: Double-tap to turn off the screen.


  • Russian by Serge.
  • Italian by Agostino Maiello.
  • Spanish by Xavi Callatelaboca
  • Turkish by Ali Zühal.

Note 1: Deactivate Device Administration for Screen Lock Pro before uninstalling.

Note 2: While using service driven features, make sure Screen Lock security is not set to none. If wakeup is not enabled, this app stops itself when device is locked, and start itself when you unlock. Doing so it saves battery power.

Note 3: Disable default device lock and unlock sound, if using it from this app.

Note 4: For animations to function:

Android 2.x: Make sure “Settings > Display > Animation” > “All animations” should be selected.
Android 4.x: Make sure “Setting > Developer options” > “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale” is not set to “Animation off”.


Features marked as “Experimental” may not work properly in all devices. But we request you to give it a try. If you face any problem, please drop an email with proper description and with your device details, so we would work harder and try to fix the issue on next coming update.

Improvement suggestions are most welcome, let us know what you need and we will provide updates as and when ready.

Don’t forget to rate and give your valuable comments. User satisfaction is important to us, this encourage us to work harder and better.

What’s New In Screen Lock?

  • v4.6.7p
  • Fix for Samsung A50.
  • Accessibility improved..
  • Translation updates.
  • Bug fixes.

How to install Lock Screen Pro with Unlocked APK?

  1. APK download
  2. Go to settings > security > enable unknown source on your Android device.
  3. Install\Done!

Screen Lock Pro v5.1.2p Crack APK [Latest] 2022 Full Download/Mirror from the given link below!!

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